Yield Testing

Bhoojal survey conducts yield testing (draw down levels and constant discharge recovery test)for borewells and tubewells.Accompanied With latest instrument and technical staff we have successfully conducted yield testing for borewells and tubewells for private as well as public sectors.

What is a Yield Test ?

Well yield is a sustainable rate of water flow, usually expressed in gallons per minute (gpm), that a well can draw continuously over an extended period. A Well Yield Test is a timed-test to determine how many gallons per minute a well system can produce.

Why to go for yield test?

just knowing the depth of the well does not tell you how functional it is, how much water it delivers, nor how good the water may be. A successfully conducted yield testing for a borehole can answer all these questions

How Much Water is Actually In the Well?

How Much Water Can Be Drawn Out of the Well for How Long?

The quantity of the groundwater in relation to its intended use, the performance characteristics of the borehole and the hydraulic parameters of the aquifer.

Who should look for us -:

Yield testing can be conducted for Domestic purposes as well as Commercial / Industrial purposes. Builders, Industry, Farm Houses, Resorts, Infrastructure Projects, IT parks,GovtDept and Hospitality Industry to a house owner can contact us at bhoojal survey for yield testing operations .

Yield test method -:

Bhoojal survey technical staff carries out aquifer performance test for minimum required hours according to the water requirement or until steady state is reached by recording drawdown and recuperation.

With Determination of T and S value, Discharge and safe yield structure of the ground water is calculated. Hydro scientific reports are prepared and design of required pump with head and HP of electric pump is decided. Conducting yield test of Bore wells : Our company, is equipped and backed by highly qualified and experienced professionals who can determine the quantity of water, from Bore wells using air compressor, V Notch, over pumping with barrel .

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